A New Category in Footwear

The Shoe Made for Traveling. Anywhere.

Versatile | Quick-Dry | Anti-Odor

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A New Type of Shoe

Shoes aren’t for either streets or hills anymore.

Elevate your experience, expand your limits and lighten your load- with the one shoe that you can wear the whole trip.

Walk, run, climb, jump, hike or swim- absolutely anywhere.

The Ready for Adventure Sneaker

Beach or mountain, rain or shine, socks or barefoot

Quick Drying

Wear em in the lake and then to a restaurant a few minutes later


No more stinky shoes thanks proven Agion material

Super Light

Weighing just 7oz, you’ll take em everywhere


Whether you’re wearing socks or barefoot

Machine Washable

Got em dirty? Throw em in for a quick cycle


Only high quality treated and vegan friendly  materials allowed

Love the Unexpected

You’re ready to go, whatever that means today

In 4 Stunning Colors

Colors to match your inner (and outer) adventure spirit

We Needed It, So We Made It

The Most Versatile Shoe Ever

After carrying around 8 pairs of shoes and ruining a few of them during our trip to Thailand, we decided to take matters into our own hands.

Our goal was simple, yet challenging: creating the perfect shoe for travelers, and all the wild places we all go. A few versions and lots of testing later, Tropic is ready for the world. And we couldn’t be more excited.

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